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A picture can often say a thousand words and Tuesday’s snap of Michael Beale and Ange Postecoglou sitting beside each other at the Viaplay Cup final press conference falls into that category.

The Old Firm bosses were side-by-side as part of the press call for Sunday’s showpiece game, in a still not too dissimilar to the famous Pulp Fiction scene when Butch is sat next to Marsellus after being gagged and tied to chairs in a pawn shop.

To say it looked awkward is putting it mildly, even if Beale appeared calm and assured as he readied himself for upcoming questions. 

The image has sparked a social media frenzy, but should we read too much into it and do the respective managers really hold one another in disdain?

The answer is probably not. We have to remember the clubs they are representing and the long-standing rivalry between the two. It would be folly to think they would be portraying themselves as best of friends - even if that was indeed the case.

There is an element of playing to your gallery and both will know the level of feeling supporters of each club have towards their arch-rivals.

That being said, Beale’s arrival has certainly created some heat with regard to this particular relationship. When referring to the transfer kitty at the Celtic manager’s disposal, Beale said of Ange Postecoglou: “He is a good coach – but he’s spent a lot of money.

“They spend a lot more money than us, so Ange is a lucky man because he’s spent a lot of money.”

Of course, it’s factually true and no one can deny Celtic have forked out vast sums of cash. It’s a comment that sparked a response by his opposite number when he said: "I agree, mate, I'm an extremely lucky man.

“I work for a fantastic football club with fantastic people. I've got a beautiful family. I've been doing this for 25 years now and long may it continue.”

One assumes this may not be the only time the pair are creating headlines with comments made in the public domain but as we all know in Glasgow, it’s survival of the fittest when it comes to the big two. Second place is nowhere, therefore the pressure is ramped up on the manager of the team that fails to add the league title to the trophy cabinet. It’s dog eat dog and in this city and it’s very rare that two are able to cohabit.

Tuesday’s awkward-looking photograph may very well be a glimpse into the psyche as manager of one of the Old Firm clubs. If one succeeds, the other invariably fails and subsequently loses their job. That’s how it works in Scotland and both Beale and Postecoglou know it.

Rangers Review:

Even if Beale guides Rangers to their first League Cup trophy in 11 years on Sunday, he knows it means very little if they are not able to back that up with a league title. “I get that everyone is talking about the momentum that could be got from winning this trophy,” he said.

“But after this, I still have a lot of work to do, whether we win or lose the game. Come Monday my head will firmly be back on how I’m taking Rangers forward in the longer term.

“Listen, the League Cup is a trophy I want to win. But at the start of the season, I don’t know where it is in the pecking order. It’s not number one. So it’s important that after this weekend we get back to trying to pick up the trophies we want to.”

Beale is spot on in his assessment. The League Cup, for as much as it’s a trophy Rangers are long overdue in winning, is not front and centre. He is in the process of a major rebuild and will be judged on such next season when a fair crack at the title is permitted. 

However, as we have witnessed down the years, acquiring silverware early in your managerial career can act as a springboard to bigger and better things. Beale will be determined to do just that.