Todd Cantwell has broken his silence on the Rangers vs Celtic rammy with Callum McGregor at Ibrox.

The pair were involved in a furious confrontation after the 3-3 draw between Rangers and Celtic earlier this month.

McGregor and Cantwell shook hands after the final whistle and then launched into a verbal exchange.

Then, Rangers midfielder Cantwell shoved McGregor prompting players from both sides to try and cool the heated scenario.

Greg Taylor was quick to barge in to support his team-mate as several players from both sides raced to get involved or try and resolve the heated situation.

Rangers manager Philippe Clement was also sharp to step into the confrontation as he tried to calm those involved and urge for cool heads from his squad.

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Now, Cantwell has broken his silence on the incident as he claimed he wants to win more than rival midfielder McGregor.

He told Sky Sports: "There is a rivalry there, right?

"Listen, there are things that are said on the pitch and things that are said off the pitch, which as a player I think you should respect.

"I want to win probably as much as he does - probably a little bit more to be honest because he has been up here a long time.

"It's a rivalry, it's a competition, both teams want to win, both teams need to win and for me it stops there, that's all it is."

After the match, McGregor had commented: "Listen, it's football. It's two passionate teams that want to win.

"It's no drama at all."