The Scottish Cup final is reportedly set to go head-to-head for viewers with the FA Cup final south of the border next month.

Rangers and Celtic will meet in the showpiece event at Hampden to round off the domestic season in Scotland on Saturday, May 25

On the same day, Manchester will take over London as the red and blue halves of the city descend on Wembley for another derby encounter.

Glasgow's big two will meet in the final of the competition, amazingly, for the first time since 2002. 

For Manchester City and Manchester United, it's the second successive season that the teams will meet in the final.

Both games are set for May 25 - and both games are currently scheduled to kick-off at 3pm.

BBC holds the rights to showcase both finals. Of course, this brought around contention last season, and eventually, the Scottish FA maneuvered Inverness vs Celtic to a 5.30pm kick-off to allow for both finals to be broadcast live to the UK.

That received an unhappy response from either club, as the tradition of a 3pm kick-off for the final game of the season was broken.

The backlash received is not something the SFA wants to deal with again. 

And the Daily Mail reports that they are desperate to avoid a repeat of the drama this year. 

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So, their report states that the final between Rangers and Celtic will plough ahead with a 3pm kick-off, despite the Manchester derby starting at the same time.

This means that the fixtures will need to go up against each other in a battle of the ratings on the public service broadcaster. 

Police Scotland are said to be reluctant to allow for a later kick-off time for the game at Hampden in order to minimise the risk of trouble between rival fans.