Simon Jordan launched a scathing rant on Rangers as he blasted Philippe Clement and his squad for 'handing the title' to Celtic and "lucky" Brendan Rodgers.

The outspoken pundit took aim at both Celtic and Rangers in a lengthy monologue on talkSPORT as he revealed he wanted Rangers to win the league.

Jordan - who previously owned Crystal Palace - reckons the title is all but Celtic's as he hammered Rangers for taking just one point in their previous two outings against Ross County and Dundee.

The pundit explained:ย "Of course he [Clement] has to carry the can. The team reflects leadership. Whilst it's very easy and I'm very happy to apportion significant amounts of blame to players and their approach to games, he's the manager. It's his team and the performance against Ross County was unacceptable.

"No disrespect to Ross County but they should be cannon fodder to Rangers and they weren't His reaction was one of disappointment and you would have expected a bounceback. Not just because of all the noise around this fixture and all that went on last week, but because they needed a bounce back. You're trying to win the league.

"They've just handed it back to Celtic. So to win this league โ€“ despite the protestations of (Graeme) Souness that there will be twists and turns and he's probably right โ€“ now people are probably set in stone that they'll probably win all their games going forward. Even though we've seen a performance in the last two games that doesn't necessary detail that.

"But they haven't laid a glove on Celtic. So they've got to go there, if they match one another's results, and beat them five. So really and truly, they've handed the title back to Celtic and Brendan Rodgers, who I think has been a bit of a flake for the last 18 months, gets out from underneath it.

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"It's not done and there may well be another twist and turn. But the conversation that we're having is because Rangers have taken one point from six in two games that they should have won. They shouldn't be getting beat by Ross County. They just shouldn't with due respect to the team that's sitting second from bottom of the league. You have to question yourselves.

"Okay, you take a point at Dundee. But you don't lose to Ross County and the conversation is different. This is why the conversation now abounds as to what happens next, because Rangers opened the door to it. To a situation that was in their control - it's no longer in their control. It's potentially in Celtic's control. If Celtic do their job, they win the league."

Jordan - concluding his rant on the title race in Scotland - revealed he wanted a Rangers triumph this term to "drag everybody else up".

And he branded Rodgers "lucky" as he called out the manager for being "irritating".

Jordan said: "I wanted Rangers to win this league because I like to see the two Scottish giants equally as strong as one another, because it drags everybody else up.

"I don't want the top pulled down; I want the bottom pulled up in Scottish football. I want more money in Scottish football and the other teams in the pyramid to be better. I want this factory of young Scottish players coming through that produced the Hansens, Sounesses, Dalglishes and McGrains.

"Part of that will be if the Scottish league is better funded. Part of that will be if the two top Scottish teams are good in Europe, good in their league and it's competitive. That's been part of the reason I wanted Rangers to be successful.

"The other part is because Brendan Rodgers has been irritating me recently. I think he was a flake at Leicester and I think he's been lucky at Celtic."