Ross County interim manager Don Cowie has revealed he has "no issues" with Philippe Clement after the Rangers boss snubbed him a handshake following a 3-2 loss in Dingwall. 

Clement could be seen going straight down the tunnel at the final whistle instead of congratulating his opponents, who recorded their first ever victory over Rangers at their 25th attempt.

That put the Belgian under scrutiny and he explained why he never stayed around. “I went inside directly but I will shake hands with him directly after. No problem," he said in a post-match interview.

Probed further on the matter, the Belgian elaborated with his explanation and stated it wasn't because of his frustration at dropping crucial points in the Scottish Premiership title race.

He said: “No I wanted to prepare really well what I had to say to the team. So nothing towards him, a lot of credit for him, what he’s been doing here and a lot of respect towards him also.”

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Despite that, Cowie was quick to clear up the misunderstanding and revealed he had no issues with his counterparts actions and that Clement actually apologised shortly after. 

“He apologised that he didn’t shake my hand, which I have got no problem with,” said Cowie.

“It is a game that he probably expects to come up and win and he is in a pressured situation in terms of fighting for the league title. I had ten minutes with him prior to the game and he was very respectful. Yeah, no issues there with me.”