Referee Don Robertson has opened up on the chances of Dundee vs Rangers going ahead this evening. 

The re-arranged Scottish Premiership match is scheduled to kick-off at 8pm. However, fears around whether the Dens Park pitch will be playable because of current adverse weather conditions in the Tayside area have cast some doubt over the clash. 

But Robertson, who conducted an 11am inspection and deemed the surface playable, is hopeful the game will take place today. And has planned a further 3pm inspection, with the possibility of a third depending on how the conditions pan out. 

Dundee have already had four ties called off this season due to a troubled pitch and Robertson admitted that's why he wanted to have sufficient time to assess the situation. 

Speaking to Sky Sports, Robertson admitted: "I've inspected the pitch at 11am. The pitch is playable at the moment. I was asked by the league to come up this morning and conduct that inspection.

"Obviously, there have been some issues with the pitch recently. I wanted to come up early and have an early sight of the pitch. At the moment, it's playable. I'm quite comfortable that the pitch is playable and safe for the players to play.

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"All areas of the pitch including areas where there were concerns a couple of weeks ago when the match was postponed and subsequently, that's the situation just now as we stand. Everyone is aware of the weather forecast for the area this afternoon."

When questioned further about potential worries regarding specific areas of the pitch amidst the deteriorating conditions, Robertson responded: "I think so. I think everyone is already aware if the issues Dundee have had with their pitch, certainly recently. There are a couple of areas that as I see it right now it is playable, but they are already quite wet.

"Should the forecast be correct those areas will become more of a concern to us, but forecasts are forecasts and sometimes they are wrong. If it's dry this afternoon, the rain goes off and the pitch is playable just now then it should be playable this evening, but we are in the lap of the gods.

"That's the situation just now as we stand. So between the clubs and the league, they will decide if there is a further pitch inspection required depending on the weather this afternoon."