Furious Derek Ferguson has branded Michael Beale as a "conman" and "snake" as he hammered the ex-Rangers boss who was sacked by Sunderland this week.

Beale was dismissed for the second time this season as Sunderland chiefs removed him from his role just two months into a two-and-a-half-year contract.

It came just months after Beale was sacked by Rangers in October after a third defeat in the first seven league matches this season.

Now, former Rangers player Ferguson has slaughtered Beale as a "salesman" as he blasted the discovery of a pro-Beale Twitter account which the manager was accused of running himself.

In an explosive rant on Open Goal, Ferguson said:ย "What about that Twitter thing that came out? Now, see what plants right in my f***ing head now because we were told under Gerrard he [Beale] was the brains behind it.

"Was he behind that then? Was he the one putting that out on Twitter, was he the one that was saying he was the one who does the tactics, he's amazing on the grass and all that?

"I tell you what, great salesman! See the stuff that he spouted and all that, and then you listen to Clement, it's like night and day."

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Then, quizzed on his own vocal support for Beale's appointment as Rangers manager in November 2022, Ferguson said:ย ย "Because I was bought because he's a conman, he's a salesman. That's what he done.

"Sorry, I don't know how I lost my rag there.

"When Gio was in the manager's job then he's in the Louden Tavern and all that behind the scenes - snake man, terrible.

"It's not the way I would work, it's not the way you should work. There should be more respect for the guy who is in the job at the time."