Dwight Yorke has branded Michael Beale's post-Rangers progression as baffling as he questioned the manager landing the top job at Sunderland after "failed opportunities".

Former Manchester United striker Yorke reckons Beale's results and subsequent opportunities don't tie up as he criticised the "unfair" pattern in football management.

Beale - who had coached at Liverpool and Sao Paulo - has worked as Rangers assistant, Aston Villa No2, Queen's Park Rangers manager, Rangers manager and now Sunderland manager in recent years.

But Yorke has stated he's been left dumbfounded over continued high-profile positions for Beale - with Wayne Rooney also cited by the ex-Macarthur FC boss.

The Trinidad and Tobago legend admits Beale seems like a "decent bloke" but insisted his results haven't been "overly impressive".

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Speaking to Footy Accumulators, Yorke admitted: "Was I surprised at Michael Beale’s appointment? Well, people are given chances from failed opportunities and it baffles me.

"He was an assistant at Villa, did OK. Did OK at QPR then went to Rangers and got sacked and now he’s at Sunderland.

"Here we are in the space of a year and there’s someone like him in three or four jobs! You just trying to scratch your head at how that works and based on what results.

"He seems like a decent bloke, I don’t know him but I’ve listened to him on TV, but ultimately you need to be judged on results, right?

"And if I were to judge on his results, it’s not really overly impressive but he’s got another high-profile job at Sunderland.

"It’s unfair when someone like me is looking to seek an opportunity into football and you’re not getting the rub of the green in that sense.

"He’s been given another opportunity to prove himself so we will just have to wait and see.

"I just find it crazy that he’s got into the situation of going to QPR, Rangers and then Sunderland and a bit like Wayne Rooney, these people seem to be getting all of these chances and I don’t get how it works."