Radio presenter Jim White has revealed Michael Beale would send him messages to take issue with criticisms from pundits while he was Rangers manager.

It comes as co-host Simon Jordan slaughtered the former Ibrox boss after his appointment as the new manager of Sunderland.

The Englishman takes over the role at the Stadium of Light after the sacking of Tony Mowbray just months after he was dismissed by Rangers due to a poor run of results.

Speaking on talkSPORT, White said: "[The criticism] got to him a bit. He used to message me when you [Jordan] were digging him out."

In his first interview as Sunderland boss, Beale touched on his Light Blues departure by claiming he took on too much responsibility at the club.

However,  Jordan was left unimpressed by the 43-year-old's comments, claiming Steven Gerrard's ex-assistant "made a fool of himself" in Glasgow.

"Oh shut up! Shut up and get on with your job. It's about your failings, it's not about change," he said.

"Those who can overcome can overcome. If a job is easy everyone would be doing it.

"The reason he got the Rangers job was because he was perceived to be capable. Rangers was a big job, a big opportunity and he made a fool of himself up there and wasn't very good at it.

"Another guy has come in [Philippe Clement] and look what he's doing with the place."

Jordan was then asked if Beale is an upgrade on Mowbray, to which he responded: "No, not really. It's a different feel.

"It's a young manager who speaks the speak that might well be relatable to people when they interview them, they like.

"Having played the game with the media, everyone in the media went 'Oh, that's refreshing' last year when he came out and said he wasn't going to Wolves.

"Beneath that, there were probably a lot of reasons why he didn't go to Wolves rather than just, 'I'm with Queens Park Rangers'.

"When a better opportunity came along, he went to Rangers in his perception. I don't think he's a step up or step down.

"I think it's a different feel. They obviously thought the Mowbray relationship had run its course.

"Sunderland are in the mix and were in the mix with Tony Mowbray."