Chilean defender Thomas Galdames has been linked heavily with a move to Ibrox this summer to form part of Philippe Clement's new-look Rangers.

The 25-year-old currently plays for Godoy Cruz in Argentina and has recently been called up to the Chilean national team ahead of the upcoming Copa America.

We caught up with Julian Asensio from Argentinian media outlet Bodegue TV who provided an in-depth insight into the player.

How did he perform at Godoy Cruz last season?

Thomas was a key piece for the team, he had a very good performance last season, he stands out giving assists and playing a dynamic game on the left wing.

What position did he play, what is his best position?

In Godoy Cruz he normally plays as a left-back, on some occasions he has even played as a central defender, but he stands out much more playing as a winger and on some occasions overflowing the attack on the left side.

What is his style of play?

His style of football is fast-paced and dynamic, passing and advancing, he stands out for throwing good crosses into the area and in some cases, he usually takes free kicks, in addition, he is a player who fights for the ball until the end.

What is his temperament like and did he pick up many yellow/red cards?

In terms of temperament, he is not very angry, most of the fouls and yellow cards he usually receives are sometimes tactical. In the previous League Cup tournament, he received only four yellow cards and so far at Godoy Cruz, he has only 10 yellow cards and two red cards.

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What is his injury history?

As for injuries, he has not had any, the worst he has had was being so cramped that he needed to rest after the games against Colo Colo of Chile in the Copa Libertadores.

Have there been clubs interested in signing him before now?

There has been talk of Talleres de Cordoba and Rangers, but they are just rumours. The player has been willing to say they are just rumours in his statements.

How much do you think he is worth?

Currently 2.5 million dollars and after the Copa América after being called up the value could increase depending on his performance in the Chilean team.

What is his relationship with the Godoy Cruz fans?

He was always willing to please the fans. For the people, he is a very nice and affectionate person with everyone, both in celebrations and in games with results not in his favor, he was always willing to talk to the fans.

What are his weaknesses and what does he need to work on?

His weaknesses could be his defending at times since he is usually an attacking winger on a regular basis.

What are his strengths?

He is active at all times. He is an undisputed player, I would say in the starting 11. He has a very good foot for assists, especially crosses into the area.

Can you see him thriving at a club like Rangers where there is a lot of expectation and demand to win?

A club like Rangers is what would make him grow more as a player and even continue to fulfill his dream of performing well in Europe as he has said before and continue going to play for the Chilean national team. Rangers could be the leap he needs.