Here's the second part of Clement's press conference following Rangers' Christmas Eve win over Motherwell.

What do you expect from Ross County?

I expect it is going to be a hard game. Unluckily for us, Ross County's game was cancelled so they have a week to prepare and to be totally fresh and it is going to be again breaking the wall and seeing you are not taken in transitions and crosses and set-pieces. So we need to be on our toes again. I was really happy today with our fans. It gave a lot of energy to the players, to hear them singing, to hear them shouting positively during the game, to give real support and I expect that at Ibrox. Three massive games before the winter break and I expect everybody to be 200 per cent behind the team to give this extra energy.

Will the players be in on Christmas Day?

I spoke about that before. People call it sacrifice and for a lot of people, it maybe feels that way. But if you want to be successful in our business or as an athlete, it is not sacrifice. It is ambition, it is what you want. You cannot say we leave these three games and see where we are at the end of the season.ย  Then you will be very disappointed. So it is part of our lives. I wanted to see ambition and I have seen that during the last weeks, that it is a team with a lot of ambition. It is taking care of your bodies now and let all your families and friends and everybody enjoy, let them enjoy and then in the winter break the players and after the season (whatever that means?) but at this moment it is full focus and focusing on recovery.

Is that the reality of the sport?

Of course and it is in every top club in the world, every top ambitious athlete is like that, the ones who are successful, otherwise you cannot have success and it is not only in football, in every sport, there are a lot of sport where it is even more difficult. I know some tri-athletes who are up at 5am in the swimming pool and they train all day until late in the evening. It is not sacrifice it is ambition.

Have you been surprised by the mentality?

Surprise is difficult to talk about because then you have a certain idea from before. I didn't know the guys so I didn't have an idea. I saw it was difficult at that moment, before I came in the difficulty in confidence and sticking together but I am really happy that all the team and I really have to say all the team, everybody in the building is working really hard. The players that haven't played and also the goalkeepers, second third and fourth, everybody is working really hard. There are also some young guys who haven't had minutes yet but are all working hard and I am pleased. But it is also what I demand, if you don't do that you don't have a place in a club like Rangers. It is simple. It is important that we have a few leader-types in the dressing room who are on top of things to keep everything together in the difficult moments and they have done and that gives the hunger for more in the next couple of months.