Here's every word of Clement's press conference ahead of Rangers vs Aberdeen in the Viaplay Cup Final.

Can you give us an update on Todd Cantwell?

Todd trained today so it’s a big chance he’s there tomorrow.

Any other injury updates?

Cifu is injured, we don’t know yet for how long so we need to take a good look. Scott Wright will be in the selection - he’s back. Leon King will be in the selection, he was in a car accident last week with his mother but he’s back. The guys who are not in the European selection too.

What do you focus on when there’s such short time between matches?

We don’t give extra doses because we always do a lot. It’s been important to start the story together, you need to speak and explain more. They are getting better and better, but we’re not at the end of learning. They had the same meeting, there were no extras before the cup final.

How do you look ahead to the game?

There’s always excitement if you can play finals and win trophies it always gives something extra. Of course, we had a really exciting evening also on Thursday. I was really pleased about the team writing history - the first time Rangers win in Spain after 12 times. It’s an exceptional thing they did but I spoke also after the game, we need to turn our minds. In my past I’ve had good and bad experiences. After a historic evening, if you don’t have the right mindset you can lose in a really stupid way. I had that once and I spoke with the players about that, we beat Milan with Brugge in the Champions League. Maldini, Nesta, Cafu, Pirlo and more. We won 1-0 and it was a great party after - we were like kings of the world. Three days later we lost against the smallest team in Belium and all the positivity was gone. I spoke about that with the team and I saw in the eyes they’ve already switched, they’re ready for tomorrow.

How do you do that?

The past is the past and we need to write a really good future. They can write history again, it’s an amazing thing in four days you can write history two times. They need to grab that with two hands and two feet.

How do you view your progress overall and players buying into your story?

Story is maybe not a good word, English is not my normal language. Because stories can be fantasies, it’s more I know if they do the right things together that success comes. I know from the past. I know what to do to get success. The players stepped in that, they’re totally focused every day and meeting to do the good things together. You see them growing in that way, to make the right movements together with and without the ball, that everyone knows the assignment whatever position he plays, everybody sticks together and all the principles we work on. Is that a guarantee? Not for every time otherwise Man City would be champions every year. It’s never a short-term guarantee but long-term it is. As long as they are doing this we will have a successful season together I am convinced about that.

Dujon Sterling what does he give you that in the middle?

He’s really versatile. Not only a good defender but he also has good feet, a good pass, a good shot, good physicality. That’s why with all the problems we had in the last weeks we need solutions. I’ve told you - I don’t want to be the manager who is always who is always sticking the problems. I am here to find solutions whatever they are. I need to sometimes look out of the box but Dujon is also looking out of the box. First you need to convince the player and train it and then see it. If it was not a success it would have been my mistake. We are now in circumstances where we need to sometimes look out of the box. I don’t like it, but it’s part of my job.

How did your players react to your story about losing after the Milan win?

They’re very focused. There is a really good dynamic with the team - not only with me but with the staff and all the club. There is a totally different vibe in the building compared to two months ago that you feel. It’s about the players and us to keep this and work hard. And to know there will be deception along the way, it will happen it can never be a story only growing. In football, you will lose during the season but it needs to be in a way that we have given everything and done everything. I feel for the moment they understand this.

Almost 13 years since this club won the cup, how do you feel about that?

It’s not about me. It’s about the club, the players and they deserve it for the moment to get this appreciation because winning trophies gains appreciation and changes perception. I have read a lot of bad things about these players in the last couple of months. They can change all of that in one game so that is interesting.