Here's every word of the manager's press conference following Rangers' 3-1 win over Dundee.

Your thoughts on that game?

The team showed that they are a team. I see this dressing room growing week by week. That is crucial. We are paying a lot of attention to that. I know you need a really strong dressing room where everybody fights for one another, where everybody is available for the team. You don’t win trophies without that. Everyone sees in the last few weeks this team sticking together in every sense. Players coming in, playing out of position and doing a job for the team.

What was your take on the second half?

We played to create in the second half, not just sitting it out. If you look back, we had the best chances in the second half. You can also see the physical levels of the players growing, they are becoming stronger and stronger. That is the work we need to continue, we are by far not at our maximum. We still have a long way to go. We need to get more players fit and we need to continue to work. But if the mentality stays like this then we will take more points.”

Some solutions to be found in midfield?

I am a glass-half-full man, I don’t want to be a half-empty guy. I don’t want to look at the problems, I need to find solutions. It has not been easy, we had a few in the first few weeks. The players are giving me good solutions.

How pleased were you with the second half, not conceding many chances?

For sure, the way they played. In the first half, I was happy with several really good moments. We scored four goals for me because I don't know why this goal was disallowed. I hope you guys see it the same way. At that moment, it is better just not to whistle if it is not a clear foul and let play go, then you have VAR if needed. That's why I started to boil over in that moment. It's hard work to score goals, it's not easy. You need to do a lot right and I made the mistake after of keeping boiling for a few moments after so I apologised after to the ref. Normally, we should have had four goals in the first half. I'm also human and making mistakes.

What was your view on the red card?

I didn't see the images back. Jose told me he lost the ball, wanted to win it back but the other guy is a split-second faster and tackled through. He tried to avoid contact when he saw it in that split-second so, I want to see things back to have a clear opinion. We're going to make an assessment in the next few days.

Are you concerned about conceding another early goal?

No, you cannot say that. Look back and after six seconds, we have a chance and after the third minute a second chance. It's true we concede a chance and a goal, that's true. We made two mistakes and we were not sharp enough but we started well. If we start to talk in that way, then we're looking at the glass half empty. This is a team in the last seven games we've had five clean sheets, so you cannot say we give a lot of chances away. You see that as well in the xG. We are the team who have conceded the least goals in the league, so don't make things bigger than they are after this game.

Any injury issues with Connor Goldson?

No, no issues. We have 12 games in 37 days, as I said at the start of this run. It's impossible to be 100% fit 90 minutes long in those 12 games and be on top of your game. I wanted to give Connor a breather so that's an easy one for you guys on Thursday if he is fit, he is one name that will be put down.

Important for Dessers to get his goal?

It's important for everyone but I don't like to single out a player. It was a really good striker's goal and that's what the fans want to see. Besides that, he did his job and worked hard. We need to get him to a better physical level, we want that level for 90 minutes and that's why I changed him. I am happy that Kemar came in in a good way because he was really, really far away with his injuries. We need to also monitor his game time in a really good way at the moment. He also made a good contribution when he came on. I was happy also we could give minutes to Leon King who is training well, taking this experience at Ibrox although he's played here before. Leon is also in the story and we will need everyone in the next couple of months that's for sure.