Here's everything Philippe Clement had to say at his press conference ahead of Rangers' Europa League clash with Sparta Prague...

Can you give us a squad update?

Kemar is available for selection although it is really, really early for him. That’s because you never know, for five or ten minutes, it won’t be more than that. We are missing quite a few players because they are not on the list or because of injury. We have to make pragmatic choices. I don’t like it, with Kemar having just trained, that we make him available for selection, but it’s necessary. Nico and John are not fit for this game or the weekend. We then have the break of two weeks and let’s hope at the end of that they can be back training. Of course, they will have missed some time.

How much are you looking forward to your first European night at Ibrox and what can the fans give you?

I’m looking forward to it. There have been a lot of firsts these past weeks and this is another one. I was there yesterday for the fans’ forum so you feel it in every sense. You feel it before the games, during the games. At Hampden Park the atmosphere, before the game in Dundee the atmosphere, already there is a big change in the minds of the supporters. There is much more positivity and it really drives us, the players feel it too. That gives a lot of energy for the players and I want to have that tomorrow, even a little bit more. European nights are always something special, it’s always been. I love it. I hope for a positive atmosphere in the stadium.

How big would a win be?

It’s difficult to say because there are still two games to play after this one. To be very clear, I always want to win. I want a team that always wants to win. If it’s against Prague or Real Madrid, it doesn’t matter to me, I want a team that’s ambitious and plays to win games. I am not asking for a draw. It can be at the end of the series that a draw is also important. You can never say before, but we are going to play full for the three points.

How dangerous do you expect Sparta Prague to be?

It’s a good team, a good technical team with a good structure. They are also focused on the European games. They made some changes on the weekend before to be on top for these European games. They can do it in the league they play because sometimes the difference is too big. It’s a team with a lot of ambition and with a coach with a lot of ambition, who I know really well. We know it’s a tough game and we need to be at our highest level to get the three points. 

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Did Scott Wright train today?

He didn’t train. He’s in serious doubt. It’s not sure yet. 

Other absentees? 

John Souttar and Nicolas Raskin. Rabbi Matondo trained today for the first time with the group but he’s not ready. 

Are the team ahead of schedule to where you want to be? 

No, because it’s too early to say that. There needs to be confirmation. We’ve had a couple of good games and important victories – also the way the team did it was important for me. You can win games by being lucky. No, we were dominant and deserved it. There was a big difference in expected goals after the games between us and the opponents. That’s the way I want to see the team play, with a lot of bravery and a lot of aggression with and without the ball. That way is positive, but it’s just the start.  A good team for me is a team that does it for months. Of course, there will be one moment when we lose one game then the next game directly it’s about the reaction. Of course, I’m happy with how things are going but I’m not sitting on the sofa and thinking 'Okay, now we can let everything loose and the machine will go', I want to create a machine. And I think it’s possible with this group to create a machine that goes every time. But we are not there yet. 

What is Scott Wright's injury?

It is a small muscle problem he had in the last action of the game on Sunday. The next day it felt a little worse. It’s not a really serious thing but if you take the risk it can become more serious.

Is he out for weekend also?

We will see. Maybe he will be there tomorrow if it is much better, but he’s a big doubt and I am not going to take any risks with players who have a small thing and make it like he will then have six weeks out.

Has he been a big plus?

I don’t like to speak about one player. I have seen a lot of pluses and not too many minuses at the moment.

Are you confident Kemar Roofe is in a good place?

No, it’s too early because he has been going up and down for a long time. We are trying to find a long-term solution and a way of working with him. I have sent him to see somebody. I spoke with the medical staff and they agreed and we will see what the result is long-term. I am not making big conclusions now. It is too early for that and we want to make him a player who is available for much longer. He is an important player for this club and we have paid a lot of money for him. It is also my duty to get the best out of every player. We will see in a few months if it (his injury trouble) is going to be over.

Is no surgery needed?

No, it is not something you can solve with surgery. That will not be a solution. I don’t want to go too much into it. I just hope we can make him ready because it is a problem that has been there for years and he has missed a lot of time, not only here but at other clubs. Because of that, we need a long-term solution. I don’t want to go into too many details, because this is also private for the player.