Everything the manager had to say to the press after his side's emphatic win at Dens Park.

A long night?

Yeah, that’s football, that’s life. I don’t have control of those things so we need to adapt. It’s a positive evening. Scoring five goals isn’t something that happens too often. For me, it was also important to keep the clean sheet. We kept our structure and didn’t give away too many chances. And when we did, we had a really good goalkeeper. So it’s a positive evening. The first half was OK but not good enough. I missed the ambition in the team to play faster, our tempo was too low. We didn’t create enough with the qualities we have. But I’m much more satisfied with the second half.

Can you talk us through the delays?

I told them I was still in this observation period to see how they were mentally individually but also as a team. But I expect a team that’s always ready no matter what happens, even if they say we have to play in the car park. We need to be ready because we play this game to win, so we must always be ready to adapt to the situations. They showed a really good thing in that way and that’s something we need to keep.

What happened on the way?

We always leave early so that we are at in the stadium at least one and a half hours before the game, normally one hour 45. That way we don’t take any risks. Our kitman also comes before us so they will tell us if there’s trouble on the roads. He got here within 20 minutes and it took us more than two hours because of an accident.

We drove more than two hours because of an accident. That's life. You need to stay calm and focused.  All the players did that. There was no stress on the bus. ‘We came here and had a talk with the coaches of Dundee and with the referee about when to start. Everything was really correct.  The players were ready and after going inside again it was the same. Because you have five minutes in the dressing room it doesn’t mean you lose your focus.  They need to be winners so whatever circumstances, whatever pitch, whatever weather, we are there to win games. That’s the mentality I want. 

What did you make of the pyro?

I hope that the club does not face sanctions.  You come here in the warm-up and the stand is full, everyone is chanting and supporting the players, giving a lot of energy.  Those are very important things. We feel also the dynamic between fans and players is changing and it’s because of both sides.  The supporters are positive to the players and the players are doing the right things on the pitch.  Those things we need to continue doing and not pyro things because going inside is not a good thing.  We started the game brightly with pressing from Danilo and you can break the rhythm of the team like that.  It was good the team started brightly again, but I think everyone will understand that it’s really good to have all this support, all these songs and all this energy – I love it – but keep the fire outside of the stadium.