Philippe Clement made a big selection call on Sunday - dropping Connor Goldson for the first time at Ibrox.

While the Belgian cited freshness there's no denying it was a decision made on form. The question is, who should make up Rangers' centre-back pairing between now and the end of the season?

The Rangers Review asked our writers for their opinion...

Stick with Balogun and Souttar, says Chris Jack

Whatever the reasons behind Goldson’s absence at Hampden, Philippe Clement got the result that he needed. A clean sheet and a win marked a pleasing afternoon for Rangers and Leon Balogun deserves to keep his spot on the back of a commanding return to the team. After so much clamour for him to be recalled, many supporters would be disappointed if he dropped out against St Mirren and featured only sporadically over the next six fixtures.

Switching John Souttar to the right side would benefit him. Souttar is the best passer of the three but hasn’t been able to use that trait to the full extent. When he has looked susceptible, the fact that he has to lead with his left hasn’t helped.

Balogun gets across the ground well and is therefore able to provide cover for James Tavernier in an area that teams have looked to exploit recently. Clement must decide how important a factor that is. The Nigerian reads the game well and there are no fears over his physicality, even in the latter stages of his career.

Rangers Review:

This situation only serves to highlight the need for reinforcements over the summer and a first-choice centre-half should be one of the priorities for the transfer window. There is no perfect solution at present but sticking with the partnership from Sunday looks the safest bet for Clement given Goldson’s struggles over recent weeks.

Don't write off Goldson yet, argues Jonny McFarlane

It's not a good time to be a Goldson advocate. The Englishman has been in poor form for a while; bullied by Theo Bair, done by Bojan Miovski, own goals in Europe and penalties conceded - it's been undeniably the toughest spell of the 31-year-old's Rangers career. 

And yet, I'd still play him because he remains Rangers' best defender. Hopefully, a match out of the team will have given him the rest/boot up the backside he clearly needed and sharpened his senses for the battles ahead. The bigger question remains who should play alongside him. 

Souttar has some wonderful qualities. He's a terrific ball carrier, moves it quickly and is an asset in tight games against teams sitting in a low block. But a natural defender? This writer remains to be convinced. Of course, he's not helped by playing on the left side of the pairing, not his natural slot but he didn't cover himself in glory when moved there against Hearts last weekend either.

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Ben Davies has returned from injury but he's shown already that Old Firm games fall into a quality category slightly outside his comfort zone. He's a decent enough ball-playing defender but not the short nor long-term answer to the position.

For me, Balogun is the best partner Rangers have for Goldson. The pair know each other's game inside out, have been over the course and the Nigerian still has a turn of pace despite his advancing years. Of all the pairings available, this surely makes the most sense for the six cup finals ahead. It's not perfect, but what is?

Rangers Review:

Clement made a big call he must stick by, Derek Clark says

Clement made a bold but correct call on Sunday when he dropped Goldson in favour of Balogun. At the time the manager said it was due to tiredness but with a full week of recovery, he should be refreshed and raring to go.

Souttar had a ropey spell against Hearts at the weekend, could he make way for Goldson? That should be the selection dilemma facing Clement this weekend. Balogun deserves to retain his place. Despite not playing for several weeks, the big Nigerian looked assured and commanding at Hampden. Souttar has performed well at times and given he and Balogun kept a clean sheet against the Jambos then perhaps they should be the pairing for the trip to Paisley, at least.

What may have surprised a few was the fact Balogun played on the right on Sunday, his pace may be the reason that was the case with him being able to cover Tavernier if he's caught out of position. Against St Mirren, if Goldson isn't selected then we should expect the same positioning.

With five cup finals in the league remaining, Rangers need to be resolute at the back if they're to stage a dramatic comeback and win the title. Goldson, unfortunately, wasn't playing well enough prior to his omission to justify his inclusion and unless he's turned into prime Franz Beckenbauer in training then he should take his place on the bench until further notice.

Has Clement secretly revealed his hand, asks Joshua Barrie

It was something of a surprise to see the configuration of Rangers' back four at Hampden. Souttar is clearly weakened playing on his left while Balogun played the majority of his football at Ibrox on that side. If Clement was going to run with the duo who started against Hearts from now until the end of the season, would he not have swapped them over?

Goldson was rightly taken out of the team last weekend. Since arriving from Brighton the big defender has endured the toughest spell of his career in Glasgow. Theo Bair gave Goldson his most difficult domestic game in years a couple of months back not long and in meetings with Aberdeen and Ross County previously, the Rangers defence were susceptible to hooked balls from the midfield that materialised into goals.

In mitigation, the team's defensive structure fell apart after a 2-1 win away at Kilmarnock. Between that game and the trip to Dingwall, Clement's side were conceding more counterattacking shots than anyone. During a 3-2 defeat in the Highlands, Rangers conceded the highest single-game xG total in six seasons. Individuals were culpable but higher full-backs to compensate for injuries to each winger was just one structural issue that also hampered the back four. The solidity initially achieved under the Belgian manager disappeared. 

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Souttar has not been without errors. Indeed, had Kenneth Vargas acted on instinct after robbing the ball off Souttar on Sunday, all of the centre-back attention would've been redirected. While the Scotland international has plenty of qualities he is also guilty of overcommitting, especially on his wrong side. 

Rangers have to play Balogun - that much is clear. With only one midweek card remaining there's no need to rotate and keeping Goldson on the bench for weeks feels unlikely. Expect a Goldson-Balogun partnership to return between now and the Scottish Cup Final.