I felt frustrated, and dare I say angry, in the aftermath of Sunday’s draw against Aberdeen. It’s a result we’ve suffered far too often in recent years.

If you’re not up for some blunt truths then click away now because they are unavoidable. Even if it’s important to state that not everything is negative from a Rangers standpoint, Sunday confirmed some of my worst fears.

Progress under Philippe Clement to date has been noticeable and the players have been given a very visible uplift. We’ve been able to negotiate ourselves into a decent position compared to the ‘story’ that Clement walked into a little under two months ago.

I said in last week’s column that Rangers are not in a title race yet and after this weekend that point remains. I also said we’re not out of one which is equally true.

Here’s my frustration - we keep missing our opportunities to change that. In balance, Rangers did at the very least scramble a point and not lose any ground this weekend. That’s no good over the long haul, however, because time runs out in a season to close the gap and we’ve seen this group fail to do just that in recent years. Some may suggest that’s an overly critical summary of the performance against Aberdeen but on the basis of what I witnessed, it’s true. The facts are undeniable.

Until this group manage to win the “tough” games we’ll go nowhere. Whether it’s the Old Firm, Kilmarnock on the opening day, a trip to Eindhoven or Sunday’s game at Pittodrie, Rangers have not had a big win in a big game for too long. Until this group manage to change that narrative, they’ll remain on the outskirts.

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Sadly that’s a fact.

That’s not to say that Clement has not made progress and started well, this is simply the situation that the Belgian manager has inherited.

At present, this squad just lack the minerals to get over the line and that statement is not new. Whether it’s a killer instinct, the ability to really take opportunities to start with intensity. If these things do not change then nor will our position in the table.

Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean Clement is doomed to fail. He’s started very well and there’s plenty of reasons to be cheerful about his prospects as the Rangers manager long-term.

However, Sunday does cement my feeling that Rangers won’t get anywhere unless brave decisions are made. I’m not naive, these things take time. Whether it’s in January or the summer, however, action must be taken. A little bit of ruthlessness in key positions could change a whole lot.

Ultimately, we learned very little this weekend. I can’t be surprised when Rangers don’t quite get over the line in these fixtures because I don’t think this squad is quite good enough to achieve the trophies demanded.

We must uncover individuals who take half chances and move on others that are stale and beyond their sell-by date. New arrivals from the summer who will not cut it cannot be kept around for too long.

That’s what I believe and, while it may not corroborate with others’ point of view, there’s little denying the facts until Rangers manage to get over the line in the matches that matter. Doubts will always remain until they’re proven wrong.

Tonight’s game against Aris will be approached with more than a touch of frustration but also a realisation that plenty of opportunity lies ahead. Nothing has changed. It’s as you were in regards to the direction of this season. Opportunity still remains at large.

I want to see a clinical Rangers. A ruthless Rangers. A team that takes the opportunities that are handed to them and punishes mistakes.

Whether you’re a glass half empty or glass half full type of fan, that’s one thing we can all agree on.