I didn't really know what to expect on Saturday.

After all, it’s still the same squad and the same players who have failed miserably so far this season. The new manager, Philippe Clement, had only had a couple of training sessions with the group and my expectations were far from high heading into a home tie with Hibs.

In all honesty, a seven-point deficit in Scotland may as well be 30. We are up against it in the league but must continue to improve week after week. It’s almost demoralising to write that sentence because it’s an all-too-familiar speech. Realistically, it’s about getting ready for future challenges and ensuring we don’t find ourselves in this situation again.

If we can win the domestic cup competitions, improve our league performance and get somewhere in Europe then Clement will have started his Rangers reign very strongly indeed. I’m not chucking in the towel, but I'm being realistic. Our league isn’t strong enough to guarantee Celtic will lose the five or six games that we require to ensure there's an opportunity of the title returning to Ibrox.

The damage has been done, unfortunately.

When Hibs came to town on Saturday, I was at least happy that the visitors tried to play an expansive game, because our players always look better when a match is more open. It was a better performance, perhaps the most complete 90 minutes we have had this season, but still left plenty of room for improvement.

Rangers scored four tremendous goals and pushed forward at every opportunity. Some of the passing was very good, the fourth goal was worked from Jack Butland to Cyriel Dessers in just six passes before the Nigerian international finished the move.

Nico Raskin was a lot more dominant as the match wore on and Abdallah Sima was equally good on the left, often passing his man with ease. Dessers, with Ibrox willing him to score, provided a lovely, controlled finish to make it four late on. It was a heart-warming moment when the crowd embraced him as he was substituted off soon after.

There were plenty of positives at the weekend. But for the sake of balance, we should have expected a response from this group. This type of fixture won’t be where we learn exactly what the new manager can do.

The teams that pack their defences will bring the biggest challenge domestically, while Sparta Prague will be levels above what Hibs offered when Rangers take on the Czech side this Thursday.

At the moment, Clement must make gradual progress and assess the squad so that, come January, the Belgian can make the necessary changes and additions required.

I'm subtly impressed by the manager upon first impression. It was refreshing to see him bat off any notion of being satisfied by the performance during a post-match press conference at the weekend.

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Clement will drive this team forward and looks to be an intimidating presence, I would not like to be on the wrong side of him, that’s for sure. He will command respect from this group and I can’t help but feel if he doesn’t get it, certain players won’t be here long.

Maybe this is what the group has needed all along.

The games will come thick and fast and the speed at which he can mould this group into his image will be key.

That’s all I want to see. Hibs won’t be Clement's biggest domestic challengers but in isolation, it was a positive debut for the new boss. Especially after only a handful of training sessions.

I’m probably being more grounded because of what this squad’s history has shown us, but I certainly wish Clement all the very best at Rangers. A few more wins and a steady improvement in performance are my immediate hopes as he seeks to raise the standards.

The Clement train is in the station, he has arrived and is waiting for us to all get on board. Let’s hope the players can fuel the engine because the next few weeks and months will show the new manager everything he needs to know.