Rangers hero Barry Ferguson was pained as he watched Celtic's title celebrations. But the Ibrox hero refused to turn off coverage despite an excruciating end to the Scottish Premiership season.

Ferguson - writing in his Daily Record column - revealed he endured the entirety of Celtic's 5-0 victory at Kilmarnock to claim the league crown before watching every second of the celebrations.

Why? Well, the pundit would have done the same during his playing days to use as fuel and motivation. For Ferguson, watching the Celtic celebrations is the perfect preparation to fire Rangers to Scottish Cup glory.

Ferguson insists the last 24 to 48 hours should sting for every Rangers player. Watching events unfold at Rugby Park should have been a gut punch for Philippe Clement's charges.

The pundit wants the players to be hurt and be disappointed - as he is - in order to play spoiler at Hampden later this month and end the season as the side celebrating a cup double.

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Pundit Ferguson wrote in his newspaper column: "There was no shortage of options to feed my football fix on Wednesday night but the TV was only set for one game - Celtic at Kilmarnock. No matter how painful, how torturous I knew it was going to be.

"And believe me the last day has been excruciating for everyone connected to Rangers after Celtic secured the title. But you know what? I made myself sit through it all. I took in every minute of the game AND the celebrations.

"With a clenched jaw and furrowed brow I sat and watched the Celtic players dancing, singing and celebrating with their fans - and refused to turn off.

"Why? Because this has to be the driving force now. If I was still pulling on a Rangers top then those scenes would be the motivation for me to do everything in my power to stop Celtic at the next possible opportunity."

He concluded: "Be hurt, be disappointed and make sure you never want to feel like that again.

"Remember those scenes from Rugby Park and tell yourself: I never want to go through that again."