Rangers hero Kris Boyd has denied Chris Sutton's suggestion that the "wheels are coming off" following a painful 3-2 away defeat against Ross County on Sunday - but did acknowledge a few concerns. 

The result leaves Rangers trailing their Scottish Premiership title rivals, Celtic, by four points going into Wednesday's game in hand versus Dundee.

And with the season finale closing in, ex-Celtic star, Sutton, took great pleasure in Rangers' struggles. The pair were in the Sky Sports studio together when he asked a raging Boyd if the wheels were coming off at the wrong time for Philippe Clement's Gers.

Boyd rolled his eyes and replied: “You behave".

He went on to say: "Rangers were just so disjointed. They struggled to deal with runners from midfield. If they get players running off the back of their midfielders, if you look at the goals again, they are all over the place. For all three of them. 

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"You’ve got people sliding in, you’ve got people running back towards their goal, not tackling, not doing their jobs properly, and it comes back to sometimes just doing the simple thing. 

"Since Philippe Clement has came in, Rangers have been very good at that, but recently they’ve stopped doing the simple things.

"First of all you've got to match your opponent over the pitch and Rangers never done that today, and they got punished for it, and rightly so. 

"Again, Ross County were excellent, deserved their three points. It’s a massive blow for Rangers, but you’ve got to look at Philippe Clement and think that he will get this team back firing during the week, so the answer is no, the wheels haven’t come off.” 

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Host Eilidh Barbour kept the discussion going as she questioned Boyd why Rangers were faltering at such an important period. 

"It comes down to application from the players," he bemoaned. 

"I think when you are in a title race, you need to win games of football, that's just a fact. Rangers, and it's all well said when Philippe Clement came in, we managed to get ourselves back in a position. That's all you hear from the Rangers fans, the Rangers players, but once you get back in it, you've got to believe you can win the title.

"They have got to come to places like this and win games of football. As I said, Ross County had never beaten Rangers before. The stat of when Ross County go behind, they are not able to overturn it as well. You can put both of them in the bin now. 

"Ross County were excellent today, Rangers as Chris touched on, were so far off it the first half. You could see the warning signs were there, Ross County had a couple chances, but the second half, Ross County came out got the two goals and you just knew Rangers were never going to be able to lift it because they were so far off it. 

"And it's not easy just to flick a switch and go and do it. You see it sometimes when you bring on players, but Rangers didn't have a spark from the bench either."