Simon Jordan has moved to clear up his remarks about Rangers' statement regarding their postponed game at Dundee.

The former Crystal Palace owner has come under fire for his comments which suggested the Ibrox club had the chance to play the rearranged game, which of course fell foul to the weather again on Wednesday, last week prior to the Old Firm derby with Celtic.

However, it has since emerged that both Dundee and Rangers mutually agreed to play the match this week, and that last week was not a viable option due to the playing surface at Dens Park.

Jordan appeared alongside Jim White on talkSPORT again this morning, as he addressed some of his critics for his comments about Rangers' statement, which he slammed as 'pompous' and 'hypocritical'.

While he did clarify some of what he meant, reiterating his desire for Rangers to beat Celtic to the Premiership title, he did tell one listener, who wrote into the show, to 'get over yourself'.

"What you've got is a bunch of tin-eared Rangers fans piling onto what you and I said yesterday," the 56-year-old said. "What we said was 'I don't like the tone and texture of Rangers high-hatted, pompous missive to the world about what they think they are entitled to.'

"No one is suggesting Dundee did a good job. If you're getting five games cancelled in a season and 15 in the last two-and-a-half seasons, then you're not doing something well.

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"We had callers telling us it was all to do with the drainage and having owned a football club, I probably agree with her. No one disputed that. It's the manner and the tone with which Rangers addressed the subject which, primarily, got up my nose.

"It was unnecessary. How many times have Rangers had a game cancelled at Dens Park? If it happens every game for two or three seasons then take this attitude. But you aren't the judgement of the Scottish Premiership. You and your fans aren't beyond criticism, so I just think the balance in what they said was wrong. But clearly, they are right (to be angry)."

Then directly responding to a specific letter, which was read out by host White, Jordan refused to back down over the matter.

The letter referred to the time wasted by supporters travelling to and from Dundee on two occasions.

He said: "What time was the game? The game was called off at 3.30, so what were they walking there? Get over yourselves.

"There was no need for the pomposity of that statement. It symbolises a certain attitude that people outside of the Old Firm will take exception to.

"I want Rangers to win the league, let's get it right, I like them as a club. But I didn't like the statement, it was unnecessary."