Bobby Madden has delivered his thoughts on the drama resulting from Rangers vs Celtic.

The big two from Glasgow produced an enthralling 3-3 draw at Ibrox this afternoon.

There was drama aplenty, especially in the second half, as it remained 'as you were' at the top of the Premiership table.

John Beaton and Nick Walsh on VAR have come under some intense scrutiny for their decisions during the match.

The main talking points were; the penalty awarded to Celtic for a Connor Goldson handball, the penalty given following a VAR check for a foul on Fabio Silva and Rangers' disallowed goal.

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Former Scottish FA referee Madden has taken to his Instagram account to reveal his thought process over the main talking points.

And the main takeaway from his social media ramblings is that he feels Rangers were right to receive a spot kick.

Decision 1 - Connor Goldson handball

On-field decision - No penalty

VAR - OFR (on-field review) recommended. Penalty awarded.

Given the current criteria this is a penalty. If you are the minority that don’ think it’s correct, blame the criteria.

Decision 2 - Fabio Silva penalty

On-field decision - Simulation

VAR - OFR recommended. Penalty awarded and yellow card rescinded.

This is a penalty. Yes, their attacker had been falling regularly, but you can only judge this incident. His reaction is theatrical but you can’t ignore the fact that the defender is turned and makes clear contact with the attacker's thigh. The defender makes minimal contact with the ball which is not significant enough to justify the contact that follows as the attacker would retain possession. Some people asking for a second caution for the defender, that’s not warranted. The award of a penalty is enough as the challenge isn’t reckless.

Decision 3 - Disallowed Rangers goal

On-field decision - Goal

VAR - OFR recommended. Goal disallowed.

A similar contact to the penalty award. This is how the attacking team won possession and where the attacking phase of possession is checked from. This foul can’t be ignored and the goal has to be disallowed.