Philippe Clement has rubbished claims James Tavernier was spotted buying a burger at Five Guys just an hour after full-time in Rangers' win over St Johnstone.

Appearing on PLZ Soccer, Gordon Parks had claimed to have seen Tavernier at the eatery in Glasgow city centre last week in the hours following Rangers' 3-0 win in Perth.

However, Clement today disputed the claims as he insisted the player was still inside the stadium as he branded the rumour a "silly story".

A light-hearted question following the 5-0 win over Hearts saw Clement quizzed on whether it would be Five Guys for dinner after five goals at Ibrox.

The Rangers boss initially responded: "I don't know what you mean."

However, then elaborating on the situation and recent claims in the media, Clement said: "People tell me some things but if I hear and read that a player is one hour after the final whistle there...I think you know better because that player was with you in the stadium [media officer].

"These silly stories, I don't put any attention into that."

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Parks had claimed: "It's funny. I was in Glasgow city centre a couple of days ago, literally an hour after the full time whistle in Perth. A big jeep pulls up outside Five Guys. 

"Tavernier gets out in his Rangers tracksuit and jacket and goes into Five Guys for a burger.

"I take on board that he's a technically very good player but he lacks aura and personality.

"He's nondescript to head into Five Guys.

"If that's a John Greig, a Richard Gough or a Barry Ferguson at that time they carry it... they exude...

"You're not going into Five Guys for a burger.

"Scoring is phenomenal but the gravitas... you carry the club as a captain and I think he lacks that."