Football obsessive Philippe Clement has vowed the Europa League is not a distraction for Rangers.

The Belgian boss will lead his side into the latter stages of the competition next month.
However, he has insisted he won’t sacrifice any competition this season as it could lead to a collapse in mindset.

Clement – who leads Rangers in the league title race, Scottish Cup and Europa League, with the Viaplay Cup already won – has instead insisted his side will “go full” on every front until the end of the season.

Asked if the Europa League could be viewed as a distraction with a tight title race ongoing, he said: “No. From the moment I step into a place, I want to create winners. For me, winners go full every time.

“You cannot say that we’re going to skip this game or this competition because we want to take a rest.

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“If you do that, you’re not a winner anymore. You don’t have the right mindset anymore; you don’t have the right mentality anymore.

“So, we are going to full in all three competitions.

“We also know the Europa League and the level of the other teams is even more difficult than winning a title or a cup here.

“The level with several teams is higher and the budgets are higher than ours.

“We are going to go full in every competition. I will not let down one competition.”

And Clement revealed he has run the rule over a few teams Rangers could face in the last 16 of the competition having watched a few of the play-off phase clash first-leg fixtures.

However, the Ibrox boss admitted that fact would have remained even if Rangers had been knocked out in the group.

He said: “I looked at some of the first legs the other night but even if we weren’t in Europe, I would have looked at the games — it’s part of my passion, I love football and I always watch European football.”