Every word Connor Goldson said in the mixed zone after the win over Real Betis...

What was that like to play in?

It was enjoyable. When you come to places like this and get the result that we have just got then it has to be enjoyable. We have come to a top team’s home, they haven’t lost here all season, in front of 60,000 fans sold out and we have got three points to top the group. I think it is a massive moment for this team.

What has brought belief to the team? The manager?

Probably, yeah. We have been together now for longer and when you win games of football it breeds confidence. I think now you are starting to see a confident team that we really believe we can come to places like this and win. At the start of the season when we had a few dodgy results, we didn’t look as confident. But now we are going into games full of belief.

What does it mean to the players to now be able to focus domestically?

That was our goal coming here. We knew if we won we would finish top of the group and it saves us playing games in February. As I said, I think it is a massive achievement to come to a place like this. They have got some top players, they are a top team with Champions League winners and World Cup winners all across the starting line-up. For us, the journey continues and we will keep moving forward.

It is all about silverware on Sunday?

That is our aim. That is always our aim. When you play for this football club, that is what you need to do.

The League Cup has evaded the club for some time so do you want to put that right?

Of course. We are in a final. We are at a club that demands trophies and we have our first chance to do that on Sunday. We are all going to get back now, get recovered and do everything we can to get our bodies right to go again.