Rangers midfielder Tom Lawrence has opened up on the different role he played against St Mirren, calling it "enjoyable".

Philippe Clement's men ran out 2-0 winners at Ibrox thanks to a double from Abdallah Sima.

And the 29-year-old detailed the thinking behind him playing slightly further back than usual.

"It was a little bit deeper than I have been used to in the past," he said. "But the manager asked me to do it and I had done it a few times at Derby so I was more than capable. 

"I know the role and it was really enjoyable actually. The manager has been good with me about that.

"He is just trying to get me into a good rhythm. I said before in the game to him that I felt in a good place."

Clement is the third manager in charge of Rangers since Lawrence joined in the summer of 2022.

And he has developed a good relationship with the new boss. "The gaffer has been really good with me in helping me to find the rhythm," he continued.

"If he thinks I’m a little bit tired then he won’t just throw me in, like other managers have done in the past. 

"He has been really good at asking me how I am feeling. We always aim to have a high tempo in the game. 

"I actually felt that we did it well on Sunday. "I don’t know how the manager saw it from the side, but he was happy in the changing room after the game, that’s the main thing."

The Wales international has been ravaged with injuries since arriving in Glasgow. He recently attempted to return to the fold before suffering a setback.

However, he hopes that the worst of his problems are now behind him.

"I feel I am getting back to the top of my fitness and hopefully the performance showed that," he added.

"I felt really good when I came back at first. Maybe the two games in such a short period didn’t help me out as such. 

"But I feel back to my best now fitness wise and hopefully my quality shows through that. 

"You can do all the training in the world – and let me tell you, the manager trains us hard – but it’s different to matches. "

"Match fitness is completely different to training and that’s what I am trying to get in the bank."