Everything Philippe Clement had to say to TNT Sport after the 1-1 draw with Aris

What did you make of the game?

We all want to win and the fans want to win because we know that today we can qualify for the next stage of the Europa League. We qualified for the Conference League this evening which means European football after the winter break and that's also important. We still have a tough game in Betis where we can play for first place. I understand people are frustrated because we felt that we needed one moment to win the game. That's what we missed today in the last third, not decisive enough, not precise enough and we didn't score the second goal.

Why did you make the Todd Cantwell substitution?

We didn't create any depth on the right side with Todd, he was coming into the ball all of the time and that was not the idea. Then we created an easy game for them, what they like. I wanted to have more width on the right side and create more actions behind their defence. What Ross did, he did in a good way was be high - and he scored a goal like that.

Cantwell reaction to substitution?

They are all important but they need to show they want to be in the team but it's an impossible job to have all 28 happy because it's 11 places every three days. The players that show themselves every training session and every game will get the most chances to play. I have no problem with Todd, he did a good job in the last couple of weeks. Today it was less good so another guy comes in and does the job for the team. We are a team together.

What's McCausland doing well?

What you saw today. He's brave. If he makes an action and he fails he makes the next action and puts direct pressure on. He has speed and good finishing which he showed today. He is showing really good things in the last couple of weeks and that's why I made the change because I felt the team needed it.