Ross McCausland has spoken to the press after signing his new Rangers contract. Here is what he had to say.

How happy are you to get the contract over the line?

First of all, thank you very much. It’s a dream come true. I know I keep saying that but it has been a part of my dreams from a young age. To get this over the line is just amazing.

How easy a decision was it?

It was a pretty easy decision. My decision to join the club at the age of 16 was also an easy decision because I was in different clubs as well. But the minute I walked in the door and the people around me, I just loved my time at Rangers.

Were there any other factors you had to consider?

No. There was talk of other clubs but that wasn’t something that I had on my mind. I just wanted to focus on doing what I was doing and then the national call-up came up. So it wasn’t on my mind, to be honest. I was just focusing on Rangers.

Where do you see your progression now and what are your targets?

I want to cement my place in the team every week. With the chances the gaffer has been giving me I need to keep doing what I’m doing and taking on board all the feedback then I’ll have a strong chance.

Where does the manager see you improving?

He says to me to keep doing what I’ve been doing. That I’ve been doing well when I’ve been coming in and I need to look at what’s in front of me and what I need to work on. I’ve been working on that myself, physically, tactically, mentally. If I keep working on that hopefully it will stand me in good stead.

What do you feel you can achieve in terms of silverware?

At this club, we want to win every bit of silverware. That’s been a goal for the club for years and with what we have in front of us at the minute it’s achievable — and always will be.

Since the manager has come in, do you think he has reinstalled that winning mentality?

I don’t think the winning mentality every disappeared. The change of manager does change things. I think obviously for the past month now you see a difference in how we are playing. But ultimately it’s a change of structure, a change of formation, and the different changes does boost the boys.

Can you talk a bit about Steven Davis and the influence he has had on you?

He’s a good person to have to look up to. Steven Davis is so well liked around the club. Everybody knows that. So to have him taking on the interim role on was amazing and I was grateful for getting minutes against St Mirren and Limassol as well.

Is he someone you have got a bond with?

Definitely. In terms of having stuff in common. We pretty much have the same things in common so to be able to reach out to him is good.

What sort of advice has he given you?

When I was coming on in the St Mirren and Limassol games he just said to me: ‘keep doing what you are doing in training.’ Obviously I did that and getting those chances was really good.

Looking at what he has achieved, is that something you would like to replicate?

Yes, definitely. I think if you look at the silverware he has and the caps he has for Northern Ireland that’s one of my goals.

What was it like to make your debut for Northern Ireland?

Definitely. Obviously the result wasn’t what we wanted but getting my first start was a surreal moment. There were a wee bit of nerves at the time because that was one of my biggest moments. When I found out I was starting it was really good and the standard of international football is different.  You go for playing for a team with loads of the ball to a team that might not have as much of the ball. So it was a different experience for me. 

How much of an inspiration is the Europa League?

It was an inspiration to me. I was at the majority of the games on that run and I was in Seville as well. Obviously if we were to do that this year, which I think we have a strong chance of doing, that would be amazing to be part of.

The new manager has put his faith in you as well?

I was on international duty when the new manager first came in. So coming into training a few days later I had to adjust to different training sessions, stuff like that. He’s been really good with me from day one. He’s given me good feedback.

Was there a concern that the manager wouldn’t have the same thoughts as Davo did?

When the breakthrough under Davo happened it was a bit frustrating that the international break came so quickly because I was just starting. So there was a wee bit of doubt of doubt coming back that I would still be on that same kind of journey. But when I got back in and I was training I knew I had to keep doing what I was doing and show him why I should be in the team.

That backing must do wonders for your confidence?

Definitely. Every day my confidence is just getting higher and higher. I think playing with top players every day is only going to make me better.

How frustrating was it to see the goal chopped off at Livingston?

I’m still losing sleep over it! I didn’t know it was disallowed at the time until Danny told me warming up. I was a bit gutted because it would be my first goal for Rangers.

Does that give you the hunger to go and get that first strike?

That’s obviously one of my next milestones is to score my first Rangers goal.

What has the reaction from back home been to your new deal?

It’s been amazing. Rangers is such a big club and so well thought of here and back home. The reaction from my family, they are as proud as punch because they’ve been on this journey with me. It probably wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for them and my friends are all buzzing as well.

Rangers are the only club that you have ever wanted to play for?

Definitely. That’s plain to see. I’ve had tunnel vision towards Rangers, to be honest. I’d like to stay here for a long time.

How much has changed around the club since that night in Cyprus?

There’s definitely been change. I don’t think in terms of mentality it’s different. I don’t think we go into games thinking differently. We’ve always thought the same. Coming into this game on Thursday night we will be confident.