John Lundstram spoke to the Rangers Review and other assembled press following the 3-1 win over Hearts in the League Cup semi-final.

Here is everything he had to say.

How do you reflect on that?

Very pleasing. We had a tough game at Ibrox against them so we knew it was going to be a tough game. We had to grind them down and grind them down and thankfully we got the goals quicker than we did at Ibrox so really pleasing.

You've got a final to look forward to now.

Again, it's really pleasing that we've come through tonight and played well. It was a really good performance from the lads. I thought in the first half we were doing the right things, trying to break them down. We had a few decent chances, nothing too clear cut really but we did the right things, getting in the right areas and in the second half the goals came so it's really pleasing. Hopefully, we go into the final in good form.

It was quite the performance from James Tavernier, wasn't it?

Yeah, he's some player. I don't think I can give the captain any more praise. He steps up when he's needed. He gets unfair criticism in my opinion sometimes from you guys and people outside but sometimes he doesn't get enough credit when he gets us out of tough moments. I just can't speak highly enough of him, he's a man mountain and in pressure moments he steps up.

Where do you think the confidence is at under the new manager?

Really high. He's been so good since he came in, I can't speak highly enough of him. Just really happy with the form we're in and we're going in the right direction.

Can you give us any insight into how the mood has changed under the manager?

It's hard to put your finger on one thing. He's just been a breath of fresh air, the mood around the place is just so much better. He's been fantastic with everyone, not just the starting 11. He's emphasising how important it is for everyone as a group. The staff and the lads who don't get involved in a matchday squad, we've got some fantastic players who haven't even been involved today so he's just emphasising on keeping everyone together. Just lots and lots of things behind the scenes that you guys don't see