Everything Philippe Clement said to the BBC after today's game.

How good was Tavenrier’s contribution?

Tav played a good game, but a lot of players played a good game. In the first half we could have scored a few goals but did not at that moment. We found good spaces in the second half when the other team got more tired and created more chances and scored more goals.

How would you rate the team’s performance?

I am really happy with it because I know how hard it is to play against a team like Hearts with their qualities, structure and resilience so we had a really important evening with our football to create chances and we did not give away too much. That is why it is a pity to give away a penalty but that is a small point after the game. I am very happy as I am only here two weeks, but I see everybody here, not just the players but everyone at the club, step into the story and work hard to do the right things and you can see how that leads to good results.

You have won four out of five games so far, is that a good sense of momentum for you?

Yeah, but I am not a guy who looks backwards I am the guy who looks forwards so that is why I made some changes to get players fit for Thursday [Sparta Prague]. I know it is a lot of games in a row with players coming back from injury who are not at the height of their fitness, so we need to keep this puzzle really clear and look at every detail. I am really happy and satisfied we are in the final, but my head knows there is more to play.

Thoughts on Scott Wright’s contribution?

Yes, but it is also about the hard work of the team that the opponent gets tired in the second half. Scott did a good job, and I am happy Tom Lawrence came in, Cyriel [Dessers] got minutes, Danilo played a good game, Sam Lammers played a good game, and it is good we can change players because we have to do that with playing every three days. It is important to have a bigger squad ready.

What are your goals over the next month?

Game by game, taking the maximum out of it and we know it will be a tough game against Prague as they are a good team so let us focus on that.

You have a huge chance to win a trophy next month in this final?

Yes, that is a month’s time. I want the players to enjoy tonight and have a high focus from tomorrow for Prague and make sure everyone is fit and trains well so we can make it a great evening at Ibrox with our fans who were great today.

A nice moment personally for you leading Rangers to a Cup final?

It is not about me. I do this job because I like to do it with the players, with the staff, members of the club and the fans. That is the joy I get from this job.