Everything the forward had to say at today's press conference. 

How much more enjoyable is this season compared to last?

Of course because I’m playing now, that’s what it’s all about playing football and winning games. That’s what I wake up for and why I train so hard. To be able to play in front of the fans and put the shirt on is massive, that’s the ambition to keep progressing.

The manager has been very complimentary, did you ever wonder what the future held?

Nah it’s football isn’t it, players come and go. The squad needed more strengthening because lots of players left. It’s part of football you get used to it and I’ve been in the game long enough. It’s going to happen. I just need to focus on myself and help the team out.

Some get distracted when others come into their position?

Yeah, it’s down to all the work I’ve put in throughout my career. I’ve worked hard and I believe in myself, every game I take very serious I want to win, play well and help the team. That’s my focus.

A lot of love from the support, you’re looked at as number one?

To be honest I don’t focus on all that. It’s a boring answer I’ll give you it’s down to myself working hard and focusing. We make football very complicated and it doesn’t have to be. As long as you work hard, do your best, everyone is trying to win. Whether we do or don’t it’s not down to not trying it may just be an off day. We’re putting on the shirt to win.

You’ve had three wins but a degree of unhappiness, how close are you to gelling?

We’ve got three wins and three clean sheets. Sometimes it’s not about how we win it’s about the result and we’ve done that with three games in seven/eight days. It’s not easy it’s very difficult. Unfortunately for us, well not unfortunately because it’s a pleasure and something you should be proud of, you’re at a big club and that comes with big demands and high expectations. You can see it as a negative or positive. We’re taking it as positive and using it as fuel to keep pushing. Getting through these games and getting results.

The manager was frustrated on Sunday, has there been strong words since?

Reaction? Like I said we got the result. It’s a fine line. You can play bad and get a result or play really well and and not. Which one do you want? Obviously you want both but if you’re going to pick and choose you want the result. We got it, yes we could improve, we’ve worked on the training pitch and in the gym to recover, hopefully we show a better performance and get the result tomorrow as well.

Kemar can you understand why some fans may be unhappy?

Of course, I’m a football fan as well and when I watch I want to be entertained and not be bored. But not every game will go down like that. It’s difficult playing three games in eight days there’s going to be fatigue or lower performances but we want to get the result and the performance to please the crowd as well.

How united are the team behind the manager?

Always as a team and behind the manager from the day he signed till now. We worked massively in the off-season and pre-season with the new players to learn the system and having to adapt to a club like this and new surroundings. It’s all coming together, I’ll just repeat myself. It is difficult at a club like this you get high expectations and every day you have to match them. Some days you won’t, it’s not realistic but we are trying our best.

How challenging was it for you when you had your injury setbacks?

Very challenging but it’s part of football, part of the game. Unfortunately, I’ve had to deal with it most of my career but it’s in the past now, hopefully. It’s a case of keep pushing on, keep working on my gym programme I’ve been given which has helped, the operation has also helped and onwards and upwards.

How key a role does the manager see you playing this season?

Just help the team win games, simple as that. When I get selected I play my best, work hard and hopefully get the result.

Do you think you can play three games in a week?

Yeah, that’s the plan. I didn’t play many games in pre-season because it was still part of the build-up of my rehab. I haven’t been able to play three games in a week for a long time but every stage my body has to adapt and I have to get used to it. So I’ve played 90 minutes, I’ve played two or three days after the 90 minutes and nearly played another 90 minutes. The third game, ‘Okay, let’s calm down a bit, let’s not get carried away, let’s be sensible. Come off the bench if needed for then to go again the next game.’ So it’s having to adapt, let the body get used to it and then eventually after an amount of time I should be fine to deal with the three games.

Was it reassuring the manager was always speaking about you in press conferences when you were injured?

Yeah, it’s natural you always want to be involved even if you’re not on the pitch. You don’t want to be forgotten about and that’s what the gaffer’s done really well with all the injured players. He’s kept them involved, bringing them into the meetings so they’re still watching all the games and listening to all the tactics. So when you do come back you’re not clueless. You’re still up to date with what’s going on and you can fit straight in.

Did he say you still had a place here despite being out for so long?

Yeah, but I already knew this. As long as I do what I need to do, stay focused, keep working hard and hopefully be able to help the team on the pitch.

What would winning the League Cup mean to you?

I need to win it, I want to win it. It would hurt a lot if I don’t win it on a personal note because it’s the only one I haven’t won but you don’t need to ask any player about a cup, everyone wants to win it.

What was the operation you had done?

It was my right hip just to clear it up.

Was that something you had to manage through your career?

Yeah, exactly. It was a three or four-month rehab so it’s not something you can say, ‘Okay, I’m getting it done now.’ I’ve had to keep pushing it back just because I didn’t want to be out for three months and if I could get myself through and keep playing with it, I was going to do that. But it got to the point where enough was enough. We weren’t really going anywhere in that last season as well so it was probably the perfect time to get it done.

Is it a gamble to take yourself out the team for the long-term benefit?

Yeah, it’s probably a long-term benefit but it got to the point where I kept breaking down because of my hip and it wasn’t benefiting anybody. I could come back, score a goal then be out again. For me, that’s not enjoyable and it’s probably frustrating for the manager as well because he can’t rely on me being fine for the next game even if I’ve played good the previous game so I had to just nip it in the bud and get it fixed.