• Benefits of Rangers loan
  • Signing on again at Ibrox?
  • Importance of a cup win
  • Paying back the fans

Abdallah Sima has been speaking ahead of Sunday's Scottish Cup semi-final against Hearts.

Here is everything he had to say.

How do the players feel after two disappointing results?

We feel disappointed to have lost five points. We wanted to win our two last games but the important thing now is that we stay focused.

Has it been bittersweet given you are back from injury but the results have been poor?

It was important for me to come back and help the team. We want to be top in every game but we know the last game wasn't our best game. But we focus now on the next game now, it's the most important.

How do you feel playing for a club where it's all about winning?

For me, it's easy to be part of this team because I'm also a winner. I love to win every game. I feel this desire in this team, that's why I love to be here because we want to win every game. Sometimes it's going to be hard, for sure but, for me, it's something good because we have this desire and hunger to win every game. We just have to accept that and move forward.

Is that something you enjoy?

I want to win every game, everywhere I go I have this same mantra so it's easy for me. It's not just me, I think all the players who are here have the same mantra. They know what the club and the fans want. What we want is to win every game so we have to just focus and work hard. We know it's going to be hard, we're disappointed with the last two games but now we have so many games again to come back to where we were.

How much would a win at the weekend give the players and supporters belief going into the last five games of the season?

I think it's easy. The beginning of the season wasn't perfect but we were fighting and giving everything to be where we are now. It's about believing. I think we work really hard and we're still working hard to win our last games. That's what we're thinking now.

Do you think the team are capable of winning every single game?

Yes. We don't have a choice now, we have to win every game. We have to focus on ourselves, work hard and be hungry to win. I believe in my teammates and the staff that we're going to win every game.

How beneficial has your time at Rangers been and how much have you improved?

This has been the perfect team for me. As a young player to play these games, getting experience and having my teammates helping me, I'm really happy to be here. I didn't expect to have a season like this but I'm a winner and I want to win. I want to win everything here. That's why I enjoy this club. I hope to win everything for this club and for the fans because I think they deserve that.

Have you given thought about next season and potentially signing for Rangers again?

No, the most important thing now is that I'm really happy here. It's not just up to me but I'm happy here and my family as well so I'm enjoying being here.

How close are you to returning to the fitness you were at before you got injured?

Now I'm getting some minutes, that's important when you're coming back from injury. It's hard sometimes but I worked really hard to be back. Now I'm getting some minutes I'm getting stronger every game so hopefully in the next game I will be stronger.

What was it like to play at Hampden back in December?

It will be fantastic to be back. I have some good memories there because I won my first trophy with the club. Hopefully, we will go through to the final.

What would be your message to the fans for the title run-in?

The fans are amazing, they are the best for me. My first games I thought they were amazing and I knew it was the place I wanted to be. They help us and push us to do more. Every time I'm on the pitch I'm thinking about them to give everything.