Here's everything the midfielder had to say ahead of Rangers' meeting with Hibs.

How are you and the squad feeling?

Good, I had an unfortunate injury at an unfortunate time but yeah I am feeling good. We've had some good training days and I am in a good place.

How do the players view the opportunity of the next few weeks?

There's an excitement which comes from the fans but inside as well. We know exactly what's up for grabs and have had our hands on one. It's obvious we're playing for the other two as well, so very excited.

What can be decisive in the final stretch?

The most important thing, you hear this all the time and it's probably not the answer you wanted, but it's just the next game. I know there are not loads of games left but things can change massively very quickly. I think the important thing is to tackle the task of Hibs which won't be an easy game.

How do you react to the Old Firm allocation news?

It's a game that means so much to so many. I think you should have fans from both sides but I know it hasn't been that easy and those decisions are made way above me I think having away fans in the stadium as long as everything is safe is a great thing to have.

The position you're in... Did it feel a long way away in October?

I don't know. The manager hasn't allowed us to think that far ahead. I don't think it's a good thing to do because things change so quickly. For us at Rangers, we should be fighting for everything and going for every trophy. 

Tomorrow is just as important as the Old Firm?

Of course, we need to win every game we play for it's as simple as that. They will do the same thing and that should provide a good game next weekend because both teams want and need to win it. If we don't concentrate on the task ahead we'd be furious at ourselves. Hibs are a good team who play good football, we need to respect that and play the game tomorrow.

European disappointment out the system?

The opportunity it provides... of course it is disappointing. Everything happens for a reason, we gave everything we could and the boys played very well away from home. We just weren't good enough on the night and that can happen in football.

Only a couple of weeks since you played Hibs?

They are a good side who try to play some good football. We need to respect them and be careful of their ability. We have to have full respect.

Does the potential of going top add any incentive?

It's obvious we want to be top, but we want to be top at the end of the season. If we are top great, if not it's not decisive. The important thing is that we want to be top from gameweek one to the last. 

The last game was the first time you've failed to score under Clement, shows how well you've done?

Yeah, I think we've played well even when we have had injuries. If you look at the injuries and what the manager has had to deal with in terms of players playing in positions they would've normally played in, we've had that. We're still in a good position but yeah, it shows that Benfica are a good team. 

Are you pleased to be playing at No.10 again?

Yeah, I was pleased at that. For me, it's my best position so when it comes to Todd being the best Todd I think it's in that position. As a 26-year-old who plays in a very good team you need to play in different positions, and I think that is important. You see it globally. I am happy to play where the manager wants but do I believe that's mt best position? Yes.

What conversations did you have with the manager about that?

I don't think you can expect me to confess my personal conversations but yeah it was a nice chat.