Here's everything the manager had to say during his press conference following St Johnstone 0-3 Rangers.

Your thoughts on the match?

It was a really strong performance today, for sure in these circumstances. It was not a surface where we can play our normal football, what we train every day, what the lads have shown the past weeks and months. But we had to adapt, and the team is ready for that now. We had a few practice games in that way, like Dumbarton, St Mirren, in really difficult circumstances and they understand now they need to play a different kind of football in those moments if you have that kind of surface and we did it in a really good way today. We had a dominant performance, there was never a doubt in the game. I think we didn't have a shot on target against us. We scored three goals and it could have been more - it's really pleasing. Starting with 11 players but all the guys who came in, they gave the team extra energy and quality. You see the team growing. The new players came in and got extra minutes and showed quality. Dia was the man of the match today, Oscar was it last week. Those are really important things and they are settling in really fast. The dressing room is a really nice environment to come into and all the boys are helping the new guys to settle fast.

You're happy at your side's focus?

We're really busy with that because it's of no use. We're just focused on ourselves and we will continue in that way in the next weeks and months. It's the only way to be successful - and the players understand that really well.

Next step to try and stay top of the league?

We are not looking at that. Our challenge is to be better every week better, better every month. Not every game you can be better - that's impossible - but we try to do that, to develop as individuals, as a team, to become better and adapt to circumstances. My best time as a player was in a team was when we played two/three years together, because you learn out of experiences. Good ones, bad ones - you become better because you grow. That's what we are doing as a team, to get experience. Maybe if we wouldn't have had the Dumbarton game in the cup, it would have been more difficult today. So you learn out of every experience and the guys are really at the moment like a sponge, getting all the information inside and doing the right things with it. This is what I want. This is what I am going to be really tough on as well. I want to see an ambitious team that wants to become better and better. We're not looking at others, just ourselves.

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Two penalties for James who has 120 goals - what a return?

It's crazy. I don't know if there ever was a defender scoring more goals in Scotland or Europe. He has a lot of quality in that but not only penalties, he's scored important other goals like in the cup final, for example. And he is doing a really good defensive job because in the first place, he is a defender for me, not an attacking player. He is not busy with stats to play for himself but for the team like they all are.

What impresses you about him as a leader?

I am happy with Tav, he was the first player I talked with, that's normal when you come into a building and you know the fire is going on, I wanted to see how to stop it as fast as possible so I wanted all the information, it's normal to speak first with the captain. He was really open and honest about all things in the club, dressing room and himself also. He feels good also, there is a divided leadership with several players who take responsibility but they have a really good connection together. If you're all alone you can be alone in the desert, now he has a few lieutenants around him that help also and are very influential. It's important to have that.

Is it only the beginning for this team?

Beginning is maybe exaugurated but for sure we can grow a lot. If I see how they are playing now compared to four months ago we cannot speak about a beginning because that was the beginning. There is a lot of room for progression. It's clear they all are growing in these past couple of months without exception. We are going to invest a lot with all the staff in them and they invest a lot in themselves and the group because every day everyone is super focused. I didn't have any problems with that in these four months - that's the first time in a team I didn't have to smack somebody who is not focused or not motivated. It's a really important thing but they all feel they are in a really special story and it can be a really special one.

What can that goal do for Mohamed's confidence, is that where he will play?

I told you guys he can play in all three positions, we had a lot of talks with him about that. I also want to know players really well when they come into the building. I want players who are available for the team and don't only come to play their own game or position. Dio can play three positions in midfield without a problem. It's good for him of course to feel good directly in the team, it's because of all the people around him. Connor and John and Lunny speaking a lot with him, players in front who are available to receive the passes, it's bout the connection together. He adapted really fast because the others are helping in that way really good.