Every word of the manager's first interview with RangersTV.

A warm welcome, how does it feel to be Rangers manager?

I'm very proud to be here and really happy. We had some really good talks with a lot of people in the club this last week. From the board, with investors, with some old players. I had a talk with Thomas Buffel for example. I'm really happy to be here, it was a sporting choice for the project. I see the club's potential, the passion of the fans. Those were the things that convinced me that this was the best choice.

What stood out about Rangers in those conversations?

Firstly, you felt honesty and the passion of people for the club. You felt also that for the moment the team needs some confidence and a new dynamic and we talked about a lot of things, which can be better and are already good. I'm someone who likes this passion, fire, full stadium - it's something I missed at my previous club. I'm really excited for this first game at Ibrox.

Is the pressure to win exciting?ย 

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It's not a pressure it's my life. Nobody can put more pressure on winning than myself. It's always been the case from when I was a small child I've wanted to win everything. That's the mentality I want to give my players and to convince them of their qualities. I see there's more quality in this team than they're showing at the moment.

How can your experience help you?

You can use it. I won't talk all the time about my past and myself, that's not my style. I know what you need to win and it's important to have confidence and believe in yourself but most of all it's about hard work. There are no easy things. Nobody wins in an easy way. It's a competitive sport, one where you need a lot of discipline, hard work daily. It's a short period in your life to be a professional football player so you need to make the best of it. If I look at the wall here and all the titles that the club has won - those are the things I love. I'm a winner and I want to win trophies. I want to see ambitious players who want toย give the best of themselves every day and then we will work with all the staff here to give all the tools for the players to get the best out of themselves.

How do you get the best out of the group here?

Of course, I'm a football animal so I've watched all the games from this season in the last couple of days - it's been busy. I start to get to know the staff and then it's about aligning everyone in one story to be one strong family who wants to work hard to get results.

Is it exciting to come in and still have plenty to play for?

We have four chances to win things, but it is really important that everyone is focused on the next game and not looking too far ahead. It is about building this story day by day, week by week to make the team stronger and to win trophies at the end of the season as much as possible. It is a marathon, not a sprint, so we need to of course implement day by day the way we want to play football, the way we want to work. We want to make players more fit and get injured players back because there have been some injuries this season also. There are some things to do but I am looking forward to it.

What can the fans expect from your playing style?

A playing style that is creative about scoring goals. It is about being dominant and winning also not scoring goals and then giving away easy goals. We have the idea to go forward and attack, but we also have a changing of positions with the players but for that we need time in the beginning. At all my clubs, in the beginning, we need time because it is not natural to do this automatically but, in the moment, it starts to work and you get more fluid football and you will get a lot of goals wherever you go. The quality is here to do that with these players otherwise I would have not taken the job.

How much are you looking forward to your first game?

I am really excited for that. It is an iconic stadium, and everyone knows it all over Europe and all over the world. I have also watched a lot of games in the past where the fans are really behind the players, supporting them, giving so much energy and I know from my playing days that these things can bring you to a higher level and I hope to see that over the next couple of weeks and months and that all the Rangers family get really behind the players to push them to their best level and all together we can make a great season.