Scott Arfield spoke to the assembled media after his move to America.

How impressed were you with Todd Cantwell and Nico Raskin? Ready to take the next step and become leaders in the squad?

Without a doubt, the two of them. As football players, you subconsciously judge each other. I was getting judged in my first training session here. You do it. How’s your touch? How’s your weight of pass? How did he get on it? Did he scan his shoulder? There are loads of little things that you look for in a football player. Todd was probably more in the public eye playing in England. But in terms of Nico, in his first two training sessions, he was sensational. You could see that he is built to play at a club the size of Rangers. I can see him playing there for years. He is captain material. Even at such a young age, you can really lean on him. He takes the ball, he is comfortable with the ball, he has a great temperament in the middle of the pitch. He is a fantastic acquisition. In terms of Todd, he has added goals. That is the first thing I said: ‘Are you going to score? Are you going to make big moments? Who is going to have them?’ Because if he doesn’t have them somebody else is going to get them. I think that really sunk into him. He has been amazing. What a signing he has been. But I think with a full pre-season with this manager, getting fitter, we will see the best of Todd this season.

Do they have the personalities to succeed?

They are completely different boys. Nico is a bit more quiet, Todd is more outgoing. But they have got it. You need to be a certain person to go on the pitch. You might not be the best football player, you might not have the best silkiness, but you need something that makes you stand out, the ability to take a ball in front of 50,000, the belief you deserve to be there. That is the biggest thing about playing for clubs of these sizes. You need to be a certain person – but those two have got it in abundance. Pre-season will be massive for them. Hopefully, they can hit the ground running and then not hold back.

Do you reflect now on winning the league in 2021 and how big it was?

Yes and no. I don’t think you ever really know what you’ve done in your career until you have finished and you’re not getting up every morning and going to a changing room. Only then can you really reflect. At the time we knew how big it was, what we had done. But then you had three weeks off and you had to go again. I think if you ask Allan McGregor and he is reflecting on his full career from when he was 18 years old until now, that is the time for reflection. Otherwise, there is always the next game, always the next training session.

Does January recruitment give you confidence?

Yeah without a doubt, you're only as good as who you recruit because players are going to go out the door and you need to sign good players, you can never underestimate the scouting department at any club. I've seen first-hand how intricate and difficult it is to sign players at any club, never mind somewhere the size of Rangers. There are so many elements to bringing in a player but for me, it's the attitude and will to be a good team player that stands out. Obviously, if you're signing at Rangers you're a good player but you need something a bit different, that calibre you have inside you. Within two or three training sessions Cantwell and Raskin really impressed me and with pre-season they're certainly going to take it to the next level. 

The experience of Rangers' summer signings is in top leagues like Serie A and the Bundesliga, do they need to be of that standard to thrive at Ibrox?

Without a doubt, because you're playing in four or five different competitions per season so there's going to be different players suited to different competitions. You just reeled off some fantastic talents all now at the football club, it can only help the manager to achieve what he wants to do. It's the manager's job to now glue everything together and get a real team ethic and hopefully have a fantastic season. Scottish football gets a hard time in general but I've watched some games in England that aren't particularly fascinating. Everyone is quick to judge Scottish football but it is what it is, I don't think it will ever change.

How important was that final game against Celtic?

In terms of the league, it was meaningless but those games are never meaningless. People live and die by those results and football clubs, they never mean nothing. All you can do is beat who is in front of you. We never won the league last season so the boys need to regroup and go again.